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VAULT Festival
Nottingham Playhouse
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GIRLS brings you the stories of our sisters, daughters, mothers, nanas, aunts, lovers and best friends- the queens who have touched our lives. Devised by a chorus of women whose ages range from seventeen to seventy- this is a whole hearted dance, investigating what it means to be a woman now, though the lived experience of our GIRLS. 

GIRLS is a joyful, fascinating and socially revelatory look at what it means to be a woman in 2019, GIRLS subverts the myths and stereotypes of the female experience with a combination of beautiful, playful movement-driven visual theatre, powerful and humorous direct address storytelling, and joyous interactive play.


Alexa Cruickshank
Bea Holland
Chinenye Ezeudu
Debora Mina
Hayley Konadu
Jamie Randall
Phoebe Parker
Rachel Hosker
Sam Hardie
Seda Yildiz
Ursula Mohan
Bianca Stephens
Carolyn Defrin

Creative Team

Director - Kane Husbands
Assistant Director - Laura Meaton
Assistant Director - Matthew Rawcliffe
Composer & Sound Designer - Roly Botha
Designer - Helena Bonner
Lighting Designer - Saul Valiunas
Stage Manager - Lesley Talbot
Music Associate - James Grout-Smith 

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